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DBS Packaging: Securing the interests of their customers all the while

Harold S Geneen, President and CEO of International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (ITT), an American Conglomerate, once said, “in the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.”

One of its best examples these days is DBS Packaging Private Limited with its Founders and Directors Nirmal Sadgir and his brother Rajesh Sadgir. Starting life in the enterprise and business world as an investment consultant at the beginning of the millennium, Nirmal did go an appreciable distance setting up multiple offices in Manmad, Nashik and then Pune before turning course. A chance visit to an exhibition in late 2010 saw him turn the path into the field that the world today associates him most with, Packaging. First, a proprietorship and then a private limited company; they have seen everything in the field, from technology, machinery, marketing, customer service, and most of all, growth. It’s evident from their trajectory which went from Rs 90 lacs a decade back in 2011-2012 to approximately Rs 11 crores in the last financial year i.e., 2022-2023!

Forever looking for growth and most of all, the right experience, Nirmal first entered into an agreement with a bigger entity and was almost happy getting to learn the ropes in marketing, sales, changing efficient machinery, good HR Practices, ERP Implementation etc. Then came the age-old entrepreneurial itch to go solo with his own enterprise under his own identity and ideas. It saw him commence DBS Packing Pvt Ltd in 2019 from ground zero. There were just the two of them then.


One thing that remained with him from then on till the present was his WILL TO SUCCEED!

Despite the pandemic, they have done exceedingly well in just the last couple of years. The most significant development has been the move to their imported automatic board-making line that saw them reverse-engineer important processes. One of them was that of making corrugated boards In-house, instead of procuring it from others and incurring significant costs. With a 10-times expansion in capacities, such savings mean them fund and fuel their own growth! Sales figures speak for themselves!
2019-20: Rs 2.92 crores
2020-21: Rs 5.21 crores
2021-22: Rs 8.01 crores
2022-23: Rs 10.90 crores

Engineering their process to suit the needs of their MNC customers, they today serve customers including Britannia, LG, Kenstar, Hector Beverages, Bridgestone Tyres, PG Electro-plast, Starion, Billcare Pharma and many, many more.


Quality being the cornerstone of consciousness, they have incorporated good manufacturing practices, including an ISO 9001:2015 certification and Sedex 4 pillar social audit by Intertek. Attaining customer satisfaction levels has seen them receive frequent customer awards for consistent on-time delivery performance and continued improvements. Across the board, their work and processes are designed to create environmentally sustainable products that can be recycled easily. If the past and the present indicate their intent, the future shall be so profound that it may make them entirely unrecognizable at Rs 1000 crores of turnover in a decade’s time by 2032, with YoY growth being in the region of 100%.

Their focus today is to strengthen their human resource team of 15 whose average age is 32 years with the right talents and nurturing. To upgrade & perform at highest standards of manufacturing with sustainable approach, methods & technology, they have hired full time expert services from industry to ensure compliance to all stringent & prevalent industry guidelines.


Would like to know more about DBS Packaging and/ or Mr Nirmal Sadgir, connect with them over email at His mobile number is +91 98229 39323. Their website is

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