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Pioneering Hope in the Journey to Parenthood.

Dr. Mamta Dighe
IVF Specialist, 
Director, Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre 

Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre: Bringing hope in infertility Treatments!
The desire to have progeny is an innate one ingrained into the very fabric of our mind, heart and soul. A newly-wed couple looks forward to a life of partnership and creating a family by having children. However,  given the drastic change in environment and lifestyles, not everyone is endowed with the required health to reproduce healthy offspring. For them, the world of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), through its foremost proponent, Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre, stands out as a beacon of hope and aspirations. The name, as such, stands as a testimony to innovation, dedication, and compassionate care, with the presence of Dr Mamta Dighe being central to it all. Founded in 2015 at the hands of Dr Mamta Dighe, a luminary in the field of IVF and fertility treatments, Xenith has become a promised shrine for couples navigating the challenging journey towards conception and parenthood.

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Where did it begin? The Genesis of Xenith :
Dr Mamta Dighe’s tryst with ART started way back in 1999. It included working closely with renowned experts in the field before establishing ground-up the IVF centre of Pune’s famed Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital as its Director. With truckloads of experience in every aspect of the field and a pioneering streak, she founded Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre, a state-of-the-art facility with the best systems, in 2015. With a commitment to personalized care, Dr Dighe and her team have positioned Xenith as a leading fertility centre at Wakad in Pune, known for its ethical, mindful practice and remarkable patient care.

A bouquet of services that make the difference :
Xenith offers one of the most comprehensive array of fertility treatments and services designed to address a wide range of reproductive health issues across people and segments. From fertility counselling and management to advanced procedures like IUI, IVF along with the most advanced treatments in IVF such as Blastocyst Transfer, laser Assisted hatching and Preimplantation Genetic testing is available here. The centre specializes in treating cases of previous failures and women with very less egg reserve and poor uterine lining with it’s advanced stem cell therapy and other techniques. With specialized programs for conditions such as PCOS, fertility preservation, and oncofertility the centre is equipped to meet the most diverse needs of its clients.  Xenith has a holistic approach to treatment, emphasizing not just the physical but also the emotional well-being of its patients at all stages of conception and prior to conception.

A Vision Rooted in Excellence and Compassion :
At the heart of the work of the Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre lies a deep-seated belief in ethical practice, excellence, and holistic care. The centre is not just a medical facility but also a haven for individuals and couples seeking to overcome infertility and related issues. Dr Dighe’s vision to provide advice, succour and treatment as such extends beyond the confines of the clinic, aiming to demystify infertility, spread awareness, and ensure access to quality fertility care across the broader spectrum of the community. And expectedly, they get patients from all corners of the world!

A culture of care and excellence :
At Xenith, it’s all about bringing hope to the otherwise devastated couples. Their approach is thus characterized by a blend of professionalism, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The team, comprising skilled doctors, embryologists, and support staff, works synergistically to create a nurturing environment for patients. Add to it the high-end equipment and state-of-the art IVF laboratory ensures the highest pregnancy rates. It is further augmented by continuous learning putting Xenith at the forefront of ART and fertility treatments.

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Looking ahead: Expanding horizons!
In days to come, Xenith aspires to widen its reach, bringing hope to the despaired with advanced fertility solutions to an ever-increasing population of those affected in Pune and beyond. Consultations online, collaborations with local healthcare providers, and a focus on managing complex and vexing fertility cases reflect the centre’s adaptable and forward-thinking ethos. All this is driven by a commitment to making fertility treatments more accessible and providing more than a ray of hope to those who dream of starting a family soon.

What drives their vision?
Things intensely deep and personal drive the energies of Dr Dighe and her team. Witnessing time and again the boundless joy of couples who conceive after facing numerous challenges is one of them. Driven by such passion and the dedication to improve and innovate continuously, Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre remains a beacon of hope and a leader in fertility care.

Milestones and Recognitions: A testament to excellence
Celebrating Excellence Xenith’s journey is marked by numerous accolades, a testament to its exceptional performance in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Consistently ranked as Pune’s top IVF center and recognized nationally and internationally, including being named No.1 IVF-Single Specialty Centre in Pune for three consecutive years (2021-2023) by the Times of India Health Survey. Dr. Mamta Dighe’s contributions have solidified her as a globally respected figure in reproductive medicine.”

The Path Forward:
Fraught with Challenges designed to bring out the best
Success notwithstanding, Xenith faces challenges with India and a world facing ever-increasing complexity in the world of fertility brought on by a changing lifestyle, higher conception age and a constantly changing environment forever affecting our health. Rather than being a number in the chain IVF clinics, Xenith believes in being a place always rooted in its core principles of individualized care and innovative treatment approaches. Adhering to these values, Xenith continues to offer hope and positive outcomes for couples facing infertility issues.

Icons of Pune – Women – Lokmat Group  
Felicitated by actress & Former MP (Rajya Sabha) 

Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre is then the epitome of what can be achieved when passion meets purpose. Under Dr Mamta Dighe’s leadership, the centre provides cutting-edge fertility treatments while fostering a culture of empathy, excellence, and ethical practices. As Xenith looks to the future, its mission remains clear: to extend the gift of parenthood to more couples while transforming challenges into triumphs through the power of ART
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