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Meet Dr Rahul R Marathe I Mitrakida Biosolutions Pvt Ltd

Brief introduction about your brand / company

“Shaping the future” by using insects is the key to the journey of sustainable green solution. Since 2016, Mitrakida® as a brand is specialized in manufacturing natural insect pest management products. Mitrakida® provides beneficial insects in effective and least-toxic integrated pest management in agriculture, horticulture, and terrace gardening. Mitrakida® activities include research on beneficial insects, developing products and educational materials for key pests for our customers. In 2019 Mitrakida® evolved to Mitrakida® Biosolutions Private Limited with expanding its horizons in Ecofriendly, Ecology and Environment sustainable solutions using insects.

One of the many key projects of Mitrakida® is waste management. We use insects to decompose a huge range of waste starting from kitchen waste in our homes to explosives and ammunition waste in defence. Mitrakida® has also helped many naval airbases across the country in reducing the bird hits at the airports by using beneficial insects. Equipped with a rigorous scientific background and many years of academic and industrial experience, we also provide consultancy for a variety of insect related challenges. Mitrakida® also assists the corporate sector in maintaining a green and sustainable campus by setting up ecofriendly waste management units, constructing butterfly gardens, campus trees assessment and biodiversity surveys in the campus.

Mitrakida®, is a passionate advocate for our ecosystem’s unsung heroes, the insects. It is our mission to spread awareness about these tiny creatures which holds immense power and importance in nature. Through insect walks, workshops, courses, and interesting slideshows in both urban and rural areas, Mitrakida unveils the hidden wonders and mysteries of insects to the society. We also write popular science articles in newspapers and social media platforms, to bring the astonishing stories of insects to life. 

Mrs. Ashwini Marathe (Director)

What is your USP

Providing well researched beneficial insects for various services for the betterment of mankind

Benefits of your services to the society

We help in providing ecofriendly and reliable solutions for pesticide free, residue free food generation. By doing waste management using beneficial insects we are reducing the pollution load in the society.

What is your Business (Success) Mantra

Providing innovative solutions by using beneficial insects for treating various insect related problems

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