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Meet Mugdha Adkar of Kshmaa Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We started our business at a time when new technology had created waves and brought about its own set of challenges. Computers were being used by many, but errors were also cropping up. People needed help and we were able to help them solve their problems. We were able to help others by troubleshooting and rectifying the errors.

What had begun as an interest, had now become a big passion. With our knowledge and experience, we could not only solve the problems of our users, but also offer them a preventive annual maintenance model, which then became our USP (Unique Selling Proposition). We work on the policy of ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Focusing on solution-based results, we visit our clients once a month, inspect their PCs and Laptops, and fix recent issues. At the same time, we also undertake predictive, preventive measures so that future issues don’t crop up. This results in increased productivity for our clients and fewer problem-solving visits for us.

Our preventive, AMC model has benefitted many companies with:    

  1. Lesser downtime.
  2. Increased productivity from employees
  3. Enhanced durability of the assets; and many more benefits.

If you are wondering what is the meaning of ‘Kshmaa’, it means Earth. Aligned to the goal of sustainability, we seek to maintain and preserve IT assets so that their life can be made longer. Due to longer life, IT assets continue to be in use instead of being sent to landfills as e-waste. Consequently, clients save money and the Earth doesn’t get e-waste easily. This is our way of giving back to our planet, in whatever way possible. 

The work we have been doing in the field of e-waste management, has been life-changing in ways more than one. Our passion towards reducing e-waste on our planet is what keeps us going. We have been providing our clients with various solutions. For example – When our clients with high-end machines needed to change their machine only after a little time, we gave him a solution to use the machine for administration purposes instead of discarding it. In all of this, the client saved money, instead of throwing away the machine.

We started collecting old machines as e-waste. Sometimes, even dead machines that were thrown away, could be refurbished and made operational to be donated in schools and organizations with needy people. Our company has stayed true to its name of giving back to our Earth. The Kshmaa Foundation works on the principle of – ‘Waste is not waste, unless we waste it’. Our waste might be the need for someone else. At Kshmaa, we seek to bridge the gap that exists between old refurbished machines and those needy people in need for them.

Every human being keeps taking and giving back to nature in his/her own way. While doing so, if he/she just takes the care to give back to nature mindfully, then Nature will definitely shower in abundance from the treasures that humans preserve instead of wasting and exploiting. This will be our one bit of contribution towards the good of our planet.

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