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Self-love is true love! So says self-love guru and NLP practitioner | Ms Neelima Bharadwaj

“You are what you believe yourself to be.” So said famous Brazilian lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho. He was referring to Self-love, the act of being kind to oneself before showing the same kindness to the world. Or, for that matter, those who do not love themselves shall, in all likelihood, won’t love others either.

The latter statement, for that matter, comes from Pune’s famed Self-love guru and NLP practitioner, Ms Neelima Bharadwaj. By profession, a trainer in an MNC, healing came to her during the hard times of Covid when she, like the rest of the world, felt pensive and uncertain, having lost dear ones besides feeling the disconnect from the rest of the world. Always a people person who could get along with anyone anywhere, she became aware of her natural talent with people during her frequent travel for her employer to far-flung places in Maharashtra besides Vizag in Andhra Pradesh. While others struggled to get along with locals in these places, Neelima aced from the word “go”! With time she found that people liked her company, be it in her base in Pune or other places she frequently travelled to.

Having trained over 100 people in self-love, NLP and everything else that would make their lives simple, less stressful, and more fun-filled, she aims to scale up her work to over 10 lac quickly. Where she excels in the art of teaching self-love is in empathising- as opposed to sympathising, where you think as close to a patient/ sufferer as possible. In doing so, i.e., empathising, you try and live every moment of the person in front to understand the latter’s circumstances and resultant mental state. By looking at the world from the other’s perspective, finding solutions is much easier and more fruitful than doing it in any other way. In fact, according to her, there is just about no way besides empathy to heal someone and make them love themselves.

In the short while that she has been teaching Self-Love, Empathy and NLP, she says one of the best ways to bring change and stick by it is by making small incremental changes to our lives. That way, she says, we are more likely to stay with the change than with something drastic (and dramatic!). She gives the example of joining the gym and exercising vigorously on the very first day. The crams and pains it brings will surely be reason enough to make people stay away from the gym from the very next day! Instead, where the first few days are spent in understanding the place and the instructions while exercising lightly, we are more likely to keep things in place for a long time- and bring results! Break it down, says she, into smaller and more manageable pieces to make it more doable in the longer run. Quoting another example, she says, instead of getting up at 7.00 AM, why not try and rewind the clock by an hour to 6.00 AM? Doing so will give one a lot of quiet time to practice self-love, exercise, yoga and many things that add meaning to life.

A trained and certified Reiki master, she says the power of the universe through Reiki does the trick and solves people’s problems. Going beyond, Neelima is also a certified NLP expert who has trained under Dr YSR, a known entity with a Doctorate to his name in the field. These are by no means the only certifications she has. Believing in constantly upgrading one’s knowledge, she is open to adding to her qualifications with newer degrees and upgrades. Going beyond only treating people, Ms Neelima has also written a book, an Amazon best-seller called the “Secret Wellness Techniques” and is also pursuing a course in coaching. In times to come, you shall see this promising “Self-Love Angel” and “Stress Hacker”, as her patients and the world calls her, doing a lot more to heal people and make their lives a zone of pure bliss!

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