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Meet Mrs. Ratnaprabha Nanaware & Mrs. Pallavi Sharma I Nutramore

Brief introduction about your brand / company

Nutramore Health Foods is a passionate and purposeful convergence of people who are on the mission to transform misleading food choices regularly made by individuals, families and communities across the globe to help them enjoy fit, healthy and happy lives. We redefine an experience of fitness for people by inventing, nutritionally complete and delightful food products developed by a masterful nutritionist and consultant. passionate and purposeful.

Rathnaprabha is an experienced Nutritionist and consultant with over 35 years of experience of working with eminent people in the corporates, government, individuals and even with tribal communities, to provide them optimum health, vitality and wellbeing. Thus inventing life enhancing and nutritionally complete food has been in her DNA. The whole purpose of creating customized health foods with intricate detailing and putting her soul into it was to restore people’s health in minimum possible time and enabling them & their loved ones to enjoy life.

In the process of working with thousands of individuals from diverse backgrounds and of all ages dealing with various health issues, it struck to her that people would often give up on the diet plans that imposed long-term restrictions on certain foods. She also realized that people in her own family and in the society as well, felt guilty of eating available unhealthy foods just to pamper their taste buds. This ignited a spark in her to craft a healthy and nourishing diet that is a perfect blend of the right nutrients and locally available food resources that would meet an individual’s food preferences and relish / savor it too.

The remarkable outcomes achieved by this combination of foods led to the creation of delectable, naturally gluten-free snacks that are both nutritious and packed with high-quality protein which regulates gene expression, comprises the major structural elements of all body cells, regulates the immune system, and forms the major constituents of muscle. This also gave rise to Nutramore Health Foods. Pallavi, daughter of Ratnaprabha, a Banking Professional, Co-founded Nutramore Health foods LLP and joined Ratnaprabha in the mission to create joyful life for people by serving differentiated, authentic, and nutritionally balanced foods that are instantly loved.

What is your USP

Nutramore products are unique because they are developed with an ideal and unique combination of cereals and pulses, which provide complete protein to our body. Nutramore products are high quality protein, gluten free, millet based, baked products containing zero maida, refined sugar, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, vegetable fat and trans fat, made with organic jaggery and butter. Each Nutramore product is ideal for anytime snacking and can be considered as wholesome food.

Benefits of your services to the society

In the world overwhelmed with highly processed, unhealthy, misleading food choices; Nutramore brings authentic, nutrient packed, nourishing, natural and delicious products for guilt free snacking. Nutramore products are made with best quality natural ingredients such as Jowar, Bajara, Ragi, Rice, Moong etc and are packed with goodness of millets and high quality protein which helps to boost immunity, improve energy levels, build strength, regulate hemoglobin and control weight gain.

What is your Business (Success) Mantra

Empowering people to make smart food choices and live fit, healthy and happy life.

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