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Meet Sshittal Gawwade of Starlet Academy.

How did you start your business?

I started my Makeup Academy business out of a passion for makeup and a desire to share my knowledge with others. I have always loved the transformative power of makeup and wanted to create a space where people could learn the art of makeup application. After obtaining the necessary certifications and experience in the industry, I decided to open my own academy to teach makeup enthusiasts and aspiring artists the skills and techniques they need to succeed in this field.

Can you give us a brief introduction about your brand/company?

We are a leading Makeup Academy dedicated to nurturing talent and creativity. We have 10+ years’ experience in makeup industry. Our expert-led courses empower aspiring makeup artists and enthusiasts, providing the skills and knowledge needed to stand out in the beauty and fashion industry.

How do you differentiate your business in the market?

1.Industry Experts: Our professional instructors offer unmatched expertise.
2.Well-rounded Curriculum: We cover all makeup styles, from basics to advanced.
3.Hands-On Learning: Practical experience ensures students are job-ready.
4.Artistic Freedom: We encourage individual creativity.
5.Supportive Community: We promote a supportive and collaborative environment.
6.Student portfolio: We specialize in enhancing student portfolios and teaching marketing management. Let’s discuss how we can assist.

How do you keep yourself updated on your business?

1.Industry Networking
2.Instructor Training
3.Trend Analysis
4.Product Research
5.Student Feedback

Benefits of your services to the society?

1.Creating career opportunities
2.Boosting confidence
3.Promoting creativity
4.Upholding professional standards
5.Contributing to economic growth
6.Promoting equality and diversity.

What advice would you give to someone just starting their own business?

Starting a business is an exciting journey; plan thoroughly, understand your market, build a strong team, be adaptable, prioritize customer satisfaction, manage finances wisely, persist through challenges, seek advice, stay connected to your initial passion, and embrace innovation to ensure your business success

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