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Passionate to the T…about the Tee! | Deepti Dhonsale

Deept Dhonsale
Sentido Organic Garments

The Sentido range of Tees from Deepti Dhonsale are the talk of the town for varied reasons. Spanish for expressions and feelings, her Tees help you get your best every time! Borne of a passion that has triumphed over situations and obstacles to get her where she is today, “it’s one of India’s genuinely organic tees that sees its raw material, cotton, being grown and treated without the use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers. It keeps the Tee feeling like a mother’s hug, besides helping Mother Earth save tons of water (up to 60 to 70% saving!).”

Entrepreneurship was the last thing on her mind when Deepti secured a campus placement at ICICI Bank in the year 2005 after her MBA. Neither was she prepared for the monotony her jobs would bring, despite being at good positions. Five years and two jobs later, in 2010, she opted out of a promising career – without a job or a plan. All that she had was a burning desire to do things, differently and create something.

Going the family way, in 2014, she finally found time to get to her true calling: making and supplying Tees meant truly for those wearing them. “Launching her first unisex collection in 2015, a women’s exclusive collection was the natural progression. It was meant for those on the heavier side, who didn’t wear Tees as they didn’t fit them. Getting the styling right, she came up with her first line of Tees for women in 2016. Today, a runaway success, it sees her supply Tees in sizes and shapes women don’t get elsewhere. “These days, besides women, she’s eyeing kids-wear as her future line.

Starting small, her initial clientele was friends and family. As the circle expanded, e-commence was the next choice. Finding it restrictive and uninteresting, B2B was the next space that helped her carve a Pan-India presence with her own suppliers, makers, and distributors. Year 2017 saw a new vertical. Customised Corporate Tees with end-to-end branding solution!

“Her success here is entirely by word-of-mouth courtesy her highly satisfied clients! Her clients being the discerning, she’s confident her creations would make a place in their heart and keep them coming back for more.”

While the world hid during the pandemic, Deepti quietly collaborated for growth, with some of her dealers actually helping her advertise and promote her products globally. It’s fueling her global ambitions! Just the thought of an Indian brand on foreign shores gives her a high.

Deepti, the creative, passionate, and headstrong entrepreneur, is confident that times are good for those supplying quality products. To this end, “she strongly believes that delivering the right quality at the right time is what leads to repeat customers.”

 For those starting out, she has a few words of advice: Be passionate about your work because it’s passion and committed hard work that take you places beyond the ambit of the 9 to 5 working. It’s here that you face challenges that bring you growth and prosperity.

With these words of Deepti Dhonsale, Business Icon tees off while hoping that all her dreams come true!

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