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Greenex Environmental – Ensuring Sustainable Business! | MS. Arati Bhosale

We won’t have existence if we disturb the nature and environment. Efforts to promote renewable energy and low-emission technologies are getting increased and thus the importance of Environmental consultants can be found in organizations rapidly. Similarly, Greenex Environmental is a one-stop destination for all sustainable solutions. With the help of the platform of Greenex environmental, they provide various sustainable solutions to companies.

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Ms. Arati Bhosale a dynamic lady and the director of Greenex Environmental, is a renowned environmental consultant who works with both private and public sector clients to address environmental issues and reduce environmental impact in areas like water pollution, waste management, air quality, and soil contamination.

She has in-depth knowledge of environmental regulations and thus she can advise clients in the private sector or public sector institutions on how to avoid fines, legal action, or ill-advised transactions.

She is an IGBC and GRIHA-accredited professional, and she is also a LEED Green Associate. She is a CII Certified Carbon Footprint Professional, in addition to being an EMS Lead Auditor.

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Ms Arati also has extensive knowledge of IGBC, GRIHA, and LEED certifications, as well as life cycle assessment studies, carbon footprint, and water footprint. At the same time, she has completed LCAs for more than 300 products and has 20+ Green Building certifications.

In addition to that Ms. Arati holds a master’s degree in environmental sciences and pursuing Ph.D. degree in Nano technology. She also has extensive experience in the environmental field, spanning over ten years. Aside from business, she enjoys being a workaholic, reading, and exploring new places.

Greenex Environmental was founded in 2020 with the ultimate goal of expanding the company internationally to provide environmental solutions & awareness. This business specializes in a wide range of services, including:

• Life-cycle assessment
• Ecological Footprint
• Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
• Green and environmental audit
• Sustainability Reporting
• Carbon footprint Calculations
• Water footprint Calculations
• Green building certifications

Any businessperson’s strength must come from his or her family. Similarly, her family serves as a source of support system. Her family is more understanding and concerned about her business as she includes her family in her successes and failures too.

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There were also some situations in life that put her to the test, and she has experienced a few of them drastic mystifying. Her completely supportive family and their approach always boost her spirit. Ms. Arati’s passion as a business woman became an opportunity where she has started a new chapter in her book of life. Her husband who works in a similar profession and 6 years old son is also a major strength pillar of her.

As an environmental consultant, she has worked for a variety of clients, providing environmental assurance support for major development projects, environmental consultancy services, and detailed technical assessments. Gathering baseline environmental data, conducting in-depth analyses of on-site sampling data, maps, and archive records, reviewing and evaluating a wide range of environmental issues, updating key environmental documentation, and providing regulatory compliance advice are all part of this job.

But as we all know, there is nothing without competition and challenge in life and business is not an exception. The most difficult challenge for Ms. Arati was raising awareness because these services are not mandatory; despite the fact that they are critical for both current and future generations. These long-term services & solutions are a little over the pocket, so people who aren’t paying attention simply disregard and ignore them.

As an environmental consultant, Ms. Arati has the scientific knowledge as well as technical expertise to conduct thorough environmental assessments which can be advantageous for the company. She conducts both field and desk-based research and will hand over completed and detailed scientific reports which are well written in a manner that can be understood by non-technical people.

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With extensive research, she determines whether contamination of water, air, or land if it will have a negative impact on people or groundwater. She uses the methodology of interpreting data, which includes a detailed assessment of the data, and the use of software modelling packages to determine whether contamination exists in accordance with current legislation or not.

She has worked for large multi-disciplinary firms such as Mahindra Group, Tata Consultancy services, TUV India Pvt. Ltd., Tetrapak India Pvt. Ltd., Mitcon consultancy, Rohan Builders, Goel Ganga Builders etc. She has successfully provided environmental support and consultancy services to a diverse range of projects across a variety of industrial and commercial sectors.

Ms Arati believes that in any business, there is no substitute for hard work and a risk-taking attitude and that one must never forget to up-skill & up-scale their knowledge and learn by adapting to innovative practices.

Ms Arati is happy-go-lucky person with a workaholic nature, fond of reading, and roaming around in different places. She has a wide range of different technical backgrounds are the aspects of her business that she enjoys the most.

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