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Biman Gandhi – A Business Coach – Your Next Level Growth Partner

Visualizing the Big picture, just by observing a dot is the attribute of a competent coach. Identifying the problems of a business person is not sufficient but helping to arrive at long-lasting solutions by augmenting their capabilities is equally essential.

There is an abundance of information that shows having a business coach can be beneficial for an entrepreneur, business owners, top executives, or decision-makers for their exponential growth. Still, there are countless examples where people want to find a coach for business but  there is a paucity of awareness of what a coach could do exactly with them and their business.

Mr. Biman Gandhi is one of the finest business coaches for those who are desirous of next-level growth on personal and professional fronts. A former corporate leader himself, Mr Biman Gandhi extends his multi-dimensional experience from a range of industries & businesses and varied profiles that he played for over 2 and half decades. Simply put, he applies unparallel exposure, knowledge, and wisdom while approaching any business problem or need. His coaching process is based on sensing the dodges, the best solution identification, strategic planning, and action development conducted in a very positive and supportive environment.  As an experienced Business coach, he helps, assists, and handholds business owners to grow from where they are at today to where they want to be.

Through hands-on experience in Business Coaching Mr. Biman has established a benchmark in the business coaching model which can be implemented by either a professional entrepreneur, business owners, or individuals looking for a Business Coach with support.  He has all attributes of an authentic coach; like know-how in their field, growth attitude, willingness to share knowledge, perfect attitude and accessibility, strong connections, and professional devotion.

Mr. Biman Gandhi was born in Rajkot, Gujarat and after successful completion of his engineering graduation. He has travelled to over 40 countries and got enough international exposure too. Through this, he effectively gathered rich knowledge on various key success factors of ever-growing businesses and individual achievers.

As a business coach, Biman’s innovative spirit contributes to his empathetic approach as he guides clients toward their true purpose, inside and outside the workplace. He is exceptionally passionate about identifying the impulses and character traits that make people perform in a certain way within a working environment and how to incorporate their natural behaviour, in-born talents, and skills to lead them to professional success.

His ultimate goal is to become a lighthouse for the business community and to mentor, a number of Business Owners to grow their business holistically, form a basic foundation of their business and guide them in building a second line of leadership for continued success.

His carefully specially designed coaching framework provides a 3600 view of business operations that will enable the stakeholders to build a high-performing team, develop powerful strategies that will fetch innovation, and enhance profitable growth with the hand-holding support of a personalized Business Coach.

His services don’t end at the end of the agreed number of sessions. He continues to extend a helping hand beyond the contractual agreement. Because of this openness and approachability, most of his clients continue to benefit for a lifetime.

With over 22 years of work experience in Large Indian Companies and MNCs, in various management and leadership roles, he has demonstrated his supremacy in Project Management, Program Management, Engineering Services, Plant Maintenance, Business Development, Growth Initiatives, People Development, and Building Business.

Mr. Biman is guided by the principle that not everyone learns in the same way, and that is why he adopts a holistic and individualized approach to his coaching sessions geared toward identifying and solving growth hazards, holistic enhancement, and becoming a better, more empowering leader.

Mr. Biman always looks for the following factors during his coaching conversations with the client:

  • Growth Mindset of the key stakeholder of the business
  • Right Toolset that improves the performance of the business
  • Effective Skillset that delivers the desired performance

The conversation under the above coaching framework gives clients an ample opportunity to reflect, realize, and deep dive towards the route cause. This is extremely important as it develops a new habit of eradicating the problem from the root rather than just wasting time on symptoms or problems at the surface level.  At the end of each coaching conversation, the client is likely to walk out with clear directions, actionable changes, renewed enthusiasm, a roadmap with milestones, and better clarity. As a coach, he also offers to be an accountability partner of his client to ensure that the decision taken during the coaching session is implemented in a progressive manner.

Mr. Biman believes to have an effective and supportive solution-based coaching process, where he gives an in-depth analysis with sound reasoning on the aspects of Business Growth, Operations and Improvements. Thus, he becomes a catalyst for the ongoing next-level growth of the business.

Through his stint of more than 8 years as a successful Business coach, many benefits have been demonstrated to small and medium-sized businesses, startups, troubled businesses, professionals, and practitioners.

In all modes of business coaching, Mr Biman also focuses on empowering their client, and creating a sense of greater responsibility.  This approach of him is aimed at providing exceptional organizational progression and client gratification.

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