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A Mind-ful Personality Who Takes Care Of Our Mind-set | Mr. Pankaj Bhadage

The drive from “Can I do it?” to “I did it” is achieved only with the right Mindset and MPower takes care of it.

A warm person with an unshakable faith in himself, Mr Pankaj Bhadage – Director & chief trainer of MPower Mindset Transformation Academy got most things right in his incredible entrepreneurial journey of 5 years, including naming his academy such that it enlightens the minds of millions of people with custom made group training and personalized counselling sessions.

Maharashtra Police Academy Session

The growth from an average small-town student to a Mind-power coach is amazing. He has done B. Sc. in Computer Science and has worked in MNC for 14 years with multiple roles such as a Finance Officer, Process Improvement Specialist, and IT application owner giving him ample experience.

The thought of embracing his passion made him restless & finally in 2017 he established this company after the completion of authentic trainings. Mr. Pankaj was not just resigning from his position, but from a dream career that any man can ever dream of. He was turning his back on all the securities, luxuries, and perks.

Pankaj is an International Mindpower Coach and a Human Potential Trainer. He is an NFNLP (USA) Practitioner and an Active NLP member. He uses scientifically proven NLP Tools, and techniques in his workshops and contributes to the transformational journey of many.

Emotion is the biggest obstacle and strength as well hence while dealing with the emotion of many; he focussed on his own strength of mind / mental strength too. He emphasized on human & employee mindset aptly and delivered numerous world-class training to many Corporate, Public, and Govt. sectors.

MPower has launched different programs which include the following chronology –
• 2017 – Free Awareness Trainings, social programmes
• 2019 – Maharashtra Police Academy training, Maharashtra entrepreneurial cell Training
• 2020 – Dialogue with the devil (a Work Show)
• 2020 – Mind Sanitization (15 Batches completed)
• 2021 –Annual Management Course (AMC)
• 2022 – Anti-Aging Mindset Programme (Mind Nutrition Programme)
• Other topics – Financial literacy, Emotional Freedom technique, the Law of Attraction, the art of relationship, etc.
• And many other customized programs, training, workshops and work-shows

Program duration starts with a minimum of 8 hours to a yearlong duration. There is a minimum age limit of 12 years with no age bar. MPower works on mind level instead of body level. The benefits of trainings are noteworthy; like positive mindset, emotional stability, ability to stay focused, strengthen willpower, self-control, success attitude, acceptance to change, etc.

The biggest strength of Pankaj is his attitude and emotions like; empathy with the participants, compassion for finding out ways, passion for spreading knowledge, love, and care.

His family is a support system for him. He believes, “If you can perform any activity in front of your family then you are on the right path.” He is happily married to his super supportive wife. His parents and brother are the constant source of inspiration for him. Intellectual family background and support make Pankaj fortunate enough to be able to attend some experimental life-transforming trainings and programs which sharpened his skills as a mind power coach.  He loves singing, solo trips, and riding a bike.

When asked about his own emotional challenges, Pankaj made a very noticeable statement, “A coach for managing emotion is not an emotionless person but an empathetic soul.” He too deals with the emotional challenges but as a coach, his expertise is to deal with them in a quicker way than spending time crying or cribbing about life.

Mr. Pankaj further added – Everyone has some goals in mind but either you need to be fortunate enough to meet a mentor of life or courageous & patient enough to go through real-life challenges that bring out your hidden potential.

We take care of our inner and outer body bodies by daily cleaning, sanitization, exercise & medication. Now it’s time to introspect – What do we do regularly for our controlled mind? If we are able to understand different mindsets like – Comfort Mindset, Growth Mindset, Risk Mindset, Positive Mindset, Negative Mindset, Victim Mindset, etc., then we consciously and unconsciously start exercising them every day and it should become our habit.

The right mindset helps you to experience the bliss of life. Some of its examples are as below:
• Clarity about intentions
• Awareness of the consequences
• Dare to take decisions and workout
• Right belief systems
• Identifying our core values that drive decisions
• Ability to switch mindsets as and when essential

Gujrat Bike Ride (2600 kms)

Mr Pankaj states, “There is no ready-made solution to; which mind-set mindset one must possess and its corresponding actions. We all have a genie (mind) inside us with full potential to achieve what we want in our life. The only catch is; using the right language to master the genie, that I can very well guide you.”

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