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Sangam… A Blend of Technology and Success…! | Aniket & Rajas Sangamnerkar

Sangam Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service Pvt. Ltd. have grown from strength to strength, since its founding in 1988 by the managing directors, Mr. Girish Sangamnerkar and Mrs. Pratibha Sangamnerkar. From a small Wada, the company began with repair and service work. Elite clients served by Sangam Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service Pvt Ltd are Bal Gandharva Rangamandir, Yashwant Rao Chavan Natyagruha, and a few others.

with Mr. Girish Sangamnerkar and Mrs. Pratibha Sangamnerkar

Pinpointing Companies USP as:
• Wide Distributor network
• Five Exclusive Air Conditioners & Refrigeration Products showrooms
• Service backup
• Availability of stock with all variety
• Affordable pricing

The company is well-equipped to cater to the forecasted rise in demand of customers and, being the market leader in the segment of Refrigeration & Air conditioning  they have the first-mover advantage.

In the founding year, the owners used their enhanced knowledge & skills to build a business based on superb technical ability, outstanding customer service, and a desire to build a business that would grow and succeed in the retail marketplace.

Sangam Agencies came into existence in 1997 where they have successfully served as authorized sales and service dealers for Blue Star from the establishment years itself. As development is essential for any company or business, Mr. Sangamnerkar also expanded his business by shifting to a seven-story building from small Wada in 2003 at the location of Kasba Peth. At a similar location, they also started the 1st display showroom for Bluestar in Pune in 2003, worked with COCA COLA for AMC all over Maharashtra (ROM) with over 13500+ machines Visi coolers.

Sangam agencies, likewise, have taken a giant leap forward by opening a second branch at Sinhagad Road in 2011, the third branch at Paud Road in 2012, the fourth branch at Pimple Gurav in 2014, and the fifth branch at Kharadi in 2016, all while working for KWALITY WALLS for AMC of machines in over 4000+ outlets and serving valuable maintenance contracts such as:
• National insurance academy
• Pune university (all Departments)
• Kirloskar group
• National Aids Research Institute
• National Informatic Center & MANY MORE

When the entire world is facing a crisis due to the Corona pandemic, in such a crucial time of pandemic by identifying a need in the marketplace for services that could be ‘bought’ in, Mr. Sangamnerkar has taken the difficult decision of starting a new firm of Aniraj enterprises from which to develop the business further. Aniraj Enterprises is your one-stop destination for all commercial & domestic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning goods destinations.

They started with TATA VOLTAS and later inaugurated 2 exclusive brand shops in Pune for Tata Voltas in 2020 at the prime location of Kharadi and Pimple Gurav. After 2 years of constant efforts, and perseverance in business Aniraj enterprises has become the No.1 destination for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning goods, Now they are successfully supplying machines to leading ice cream manufacturers, Kitchens, Frozen food chains etc all over Maharashtra.

with the Team

Established by Mr. Girish, existing refrigeration companies Sangam refrigeration and air conditioning service had gone through a challenging period of Online comparison by the customers, misleading commitments of big Retailers, lack of technological awareness among customers, as the Google knowledge makes customers more confused.

To meet this challenge, they have devised a number of strategies, by providing a reasonable price range within your means, quick installation and same-day delivery support, expanding our pool of skilled labors, participating in various training sessions to upskill and update knowledge in the workplace, and using technology to exceed customers’ expectations.

With the hobby of gym, fitness, video editing, technical training roaming about tourist places, and doing adventure activities like biking and trekking, it’s not easy for the second-generation entrepreneurs Mr. Aniket and Mr. Rajas to settle in business properly. But with the proper management and core technical skills both the siblings have managed the handling of business. these sibling entrepreneurs showed their decision-making abilities, risk-taking attitude and right decision-making, and technological excellence, automatic confidence for them grew among the staff members.

As we all know, family is the strength of any business, Mr. Sangamnerkar also has a backbone in his family including his wife Mrs. Pratibha, Both sons Mr. Aniket and Mr. Rajas, and his daughter-in-law Mrs. Anvita.

Mr. Sangamnekar believes that perseverance, technological knowledge, and sufficient experience are what propel you up the success ladder. As a result, they have always been at the forefront of utilizing best-in-class technologies to ensure the highest quality and precision in our products and solutions, as well as the most recent technologies. They have emerged stronger as a result of their collective responsibility, dedicated team efforts, and positive attitude.


By keeping the current scenario in mind, providing and capitalizing on providing value for money, both in terms of cost and performance, is what consumers like about the company most!

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