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As we all know, the pandemic is a major factor due to which the significance of hygienic fruits and vegetables has increased rapidly. Similarly, Pomegranate has been a popular fruit throughout the history of mankind and thus currently experiencing a spike in popularity due to the health benefits associated with its juice and is mostly loved for its unique “ruby-red jewel-like seeds.”


In the year 2018, Mr. Madan Kulkarni founded Karvi Agro-Processing Producer Company Limited and began a considerate journey of processing delicate and appetizing fruits. A farm cannot be developed or grown in the absence of supportive farmers thus having 50 shareholders farmers. Mr. Madan is a well-informed businessman in the fruit processing industry. Mr. Kulkarni’s perseverance and astute work have yielded the results of bringing pristine and completely healthy, quality, and seedy pomegranate processed products.

This company operates as a manufacturer of food and beverages. It provides farming, fruit processing, and packaged food products. Some of the processed fruits offered by the Karvi Agro-Processing Producer Company Limited are Pomegranate, and Pineapple, in the form of:
• Pomegranate
• Fresh pomegranate ruby red jewel like seeds
• Cold pressed pomegranate pure Juice (no added preservatives, no added water, no added sugar)
• Dry Pomegranate Seeds (Anardane)
• Pineapple Slices

The company has been incorporated under the ministry of corporate affairs New Delhi as a limited company.  Karvi Agro-Processing Producer Company Limited is the brainchild of Mr. Madan Kulkarni with a vision to deliver the best quality fruit and fruit processing products in the local market and, in the long run, export to foreign countries.

Karvi Agro-Processing Producer Company Limited has an outlet in Pune, but it is primarily based in Solapur. Because the company’s uniqueness and ultimate mission is to empower women, the company only employs female employees. Every process, from production to packaging, is handled expertly by female workers of the Karvi Agro-Processing Producer Company Limited.

Mr. Madan Kulkarni is a civil engineer by profession but his interest in farming and agriculture inspires him to get his foot in this business. The Karvi Agro-Processing Producer Company Limited, as the leading pomegranate processing industry, has invested significant resources in research and development to produce pomegranates that are full of essential nutrients and have a longer shelf life. Mr. Madan has spent huge amount of money on R&D to increase the shelf life of the pomegranates before starting a business. They used to preserve pomegranates in domestic refrigerators in order to Research their shelf life.

Challenges and ups and downs are the integral part of every business person. Here, Mr. Madan Kulkarni has also faced some of the unavoidable hazards in his business. He did not achieve the desired results in the initial years of his business regarding pomegranate and pineapple processing, but with consistent hard work, determination, and persistence, he processed exceptionally ripe and luscious pomegranate.

Apart from product shelf life, the company must deal with a number of other issues that have a direct impact on its growth, including only 2% fruit processing, a lack of technology awareness among farmers, the importance of hygiene while packaging, and storage systems, and agricultural diseases. In order to deal with such issues, he has come up with some alternatives and solutions that he considers to be beneficial. There were several options. Increased the shelf life of fruit by up to 15 days without preservatives, used high-end technology to ensure hygiene while processing fruits, and provided training to make farmers more aware of fruit processing.

Mr Madan is sticking with his business principles to offer the best result to the customers. With such Process-driven culture, Mr. Madan has a vision of exporting their fruit processing services in all metro cities, Airports and having a market presence in PAN India along with exports to the global market.

Apart from focusing on hygiene while processing pomegranates, pineapple, and other fruits, Karvi agro-processing producer company limited has 50 farmers who are also shareholders, which is one of the keys to their success. They also hope to assist farmers in Maharashtra in transforming their traditional farming into a modern business by doing so.

The utmost support of Mr. Madan‘s wife, Mrs. Ranjana Kulkarni, and his son Shubham Kulkarni who is also a civil engineer, made this dream of business possible. Both are equally helping Mr. Madan by working effectively for their company. In this journey towards success, the role of investors is always crucial and the dream of building a brand came true with a passionate team member, Mr. Prasad Shende, an Executive Director in Business Development with an astonishing experience of more than 22 years in corporates. He believed in a dream and worked as passionate brand creator and a workaholic devotee to make this possible. By applying the latest farming methodologies, the Karvi agro-processing company is cultivating quality pomegranates with no preservatives and no harmful chemicals.

with Family

Always strive to improve your knowledge in order to gain profit and, as a result, contribute to the growth of your business. Mr. Madan believes that one should make effective use of technology in order to produce quality products, which improves a company’s ability to grow and develop.

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  • Great Work Mr. Madan Kulkarni and family.
    I, myself and many of my friends and relatives had tested the juices manufactured
    by Karvi agro. All the products are delicious
    and healthy in nature.
    Wishing you all the success.