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The life coach who was coached by all of life’s ups and downs | Mamta Singh

There cannot be a better teacher than life. And there cannot be a better life coach than one whose life has seen the absolute highs and lows of life. Mamta Singh fits these to the T. What you see today of her as a life coach and motivator is just the tip of the humongous iceberg that constitutes her body of work and her personal.

Her life started in Rajasthan’s dry yet happening city of Jodhpur in the household of an Indian Air force Office. They were four siblings brought in the typical disciplined lifestyle of the armed forces: to be cheerful fighters who never gave up on life and, on the contrary, rode every wave, howsoever precarious, to reach for higher peaks. Her first brush with the rough edges of life came relatively early. With her father’s passing away while she was still in school, the student in her with a liking for science had to shift to the arts stream. Forever the fighter, she persevered and did well even in arts going to the extent of being an accomplished teacher for higher-grade students in known schools in town.

Industry beckoned in the form of a chance meeting, and she was to go from merchandising home furnishings and upholstery to specialized, high-end fashion clothing for women in Europe to myriad other experiences in the field. It took her all the way from Jodhpur to Delhi and other places in India. Comfort and complacency never being part of her persona, a very different industry, the setting up and running of LPG gas stations happened in some time. Showing her mettle in sales, she did great business and more than impressed her bosses, only to grow to the status of an acknowledged senior. So good was she in the trade that she was, in most cases, hand-picked and given the positions she wanted most.

Gaining experience in production, sales, and marketing, and dealing with every manner of persons along the way, the next pit-stop of her career saw her in far-away Burundi in Central Africa between the years 2016 and 2019 in the commanding position of the Managing Director of a pharma-producing company. The assignment here was entirely new: administration and personnel. Like always, she did well and grew in the organization to be in a tremendous managerial position.

Life for her has always been a roller-coaster ride that has been anything but easy. With a brother passing away just when she was finding her feet, the responsibility of handling his family of three came on to her. She took it up with a zeal and commitment that can only match those with a background in the forces! Her other brother, a Kargil war veteran who retired from the army, now heads an automotive biggie in Faridabad in Haryana. Back in India in 2019 from Africa, tragedy struck again when her sole sister passed away. With a string of misfortunes that could have cracked the most formidable contenders, Mamta too bent with grief for a while. Trying to buckle-up against odds, the pandemic-induced lockdown was the time and reason to contemplate where she wanted to go next.

The answer saw her do a course in coaching that makes today one of India’s most promising Life Coaches whose USP remains the endless list of downturns and misfortunes she faced in life that could not buckle her down. Her experience and never-say-die attitude help her train people in numbers which could be in crores. Her speciality and most popular programs concern homemakers, home-moms, and stay-home women and all those with time on their hands due to their children having gone their way. She wants them to be financially independent and on their own feet while making a life for themselves. After all, we know for a fact that Women’s Wealth Wins! With her prolific experiences in life, she is also the author of an Amazon Bestseller titled “Reinventing Connection Catalyst: How to deal with Narcissistic Personality and attain happiness in life.”

Moving base to Mumbai, she plans to start her YouTube channel that coaches those with a passion for success but need to know where to start. And from the looks of it, she will succeed here as well! That is Mamta Singh for you. Ever the tough, resolute, relentless, and yet very relatable life coach…. herself coached by life.

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