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Multi advantage in logistics with Multilogistics Private Limited

Logistics is the science and effort that go behind moving things worldwide from their points of origin to the last point of their intended destinations. Movements could be by way of road, rail, sea and air and may include a combination of these with volumes ranging from a few grams when sent in courier mode to a few tons, an entire container load or even entire ships. Things may differ in the degree of responsibility taken up by the operator and the degree of complexity that needs to be adhered to. While the concept came into being and flourished first in the West before making its way worldwide, India has been a favorite market for logistics operators, given the volumes it generates for both export and import movements and the volumes it promises for the future.

Mr Amit Sawant, Director of Multilogistics Private Limited

Mr Amit Sawant, Director of Multilogistics Private Limited, has seen it all, starting from the lowest in the hierarchy, where he himself visited offices, homes and establishments to pick up and deliver shipments to handling customer queries, to being in the thick of operations to being in senior managerial positions in known logistics majors including the Branch Manager- International of DTDC. That’s when he realized his dream was to be on his own, with his own concern, brand and identity. MultiLogistics thus came about in the year 2021. And ever since, he has always looked forward, never, ever needing to look back. Incidentally, the company has another ace as one of its directors. The equally known and charismatic Mr Somnath Koli.

Mr Somnath Koli, Director of Multilogistics Private Limited

Multilogistics Private Limited is one of India’s boutique logistics companies that cater to air, sea and courier shipments. With its HO in Pune and upcoming offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru, it caters to air, sea and courier shipments worldwide with notable high points. Its air shipments include weekly consoles out of China and Singapore, which will also include the UK in some time. These besides, it has tie-ups with all major airlines worldwide to take advantage of quicker deliveries in addition to customized packages, like, for instance, air exports to Kenya. For regular movements, they use the Mumbai-Johannesburg-Nairobi route, but for shipments that demand speed, they have the ability to approach Kenyan Airlines directly for next-day deliveries. Such finesse extends to practically every origin-destination combination worldwide.

Presently functioning with a network of the world’s best Freight Forwarding agencies worldwide that promises worry-less, seamless deliveries worldwide, with particular emphasis on the far-east including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea, besides the US, UK, Germany and Italy, they have their sights set on offices in important places including Hong Kong and Singapore in particular. In India, Mumbai and Bangalore shall see their offices come up shortly, in addition to Chennai and Hyderabad in the next phase.

A passion-driven organization, their USPs include :

  • Knowing the international laws of different countries so that customers’ interests remain the priority.
  • Knowing and tweaking services according to customer needs, be it in the present or the future.
  • Being available to answer customer queries and for customers’ shipments at all hours
  • Always thinking of ways and means to make things easier and faster for customers, be it for their export or import shipments.
  • Customizing services to precisely suit customers’ needs, be it in terms of services, information or payments.

While they may seem small at 15 persons compared to biggies in the trade, Multilogistics remains far ahead in absolute customization and client servicing. In these, they remain very close to customer needs, almost akin to a 4PL company – only closer.

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