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Varadom Technologies: using technology to wash away dirt. And competition!

Sample some facts:

  • They commenced in the year 2015 and, within a span of eight years, have made a name for themselves, having sold close to 200 units of their products worldwide- including the US, and that too in tony New York!
  • They have a slew of patents in their name, with quite a few in the pipeline
  • They started as a 2-member team from a 100 square feet office and are today over 10 with their set-up spread over 5000 square feet in one of Pune’s most prominent industrial areas, MIDC Chikhali near Pune
  • Their speed and agility at designing and delivering vehicle washing systems today have the formidable Indian Railways as one of their likely customers
  • And they call themselves the perennial “start-up” on continual growth!

Welcome to the world of Varadom Technologies Private Limited, which has, in more ways than one, washed away offensive stuff, be it dust and grime from vehicles of any make and kind or faecal and organic waste from hospital toilets. The bottom line for the founder-duo of Nilesh Bakshe and Sandeep Gire is that if there is an offending matter anywhere, they have the technical wherewithal, expertise, and right experiences to bring about systems that shall make it disappear in the blink of an eye. Don’t believe it? Ask any of their customers, and they would say the same.

The mechanical engineer-production engineer duo from Pune (birth, education, everything Puneri!) started out the typical start-up way with one difference. They continue the start-up way of being lean and mean in business. Their first bike cleaning system came about in 2015 when they observed that existing systems while being wasteful of everything from water to detergent to workforce, did not give the desired results. Ever the exploratory kind, they didn’t get down to making things right away. Instead, they explored the idea and people’s expectations by employing detailed questionnaires to stakeholders in the system, be they vehicle owners, garage and service station owners and even the workers doing the cleaning. Based on their input, a prototype was designed and fine-tuned till final production to match customer needs. At the end of this extensive exercise, they brought about one of the most efficient and effective bike washing systems that have the world (yes, the entire globe) coming to their doorstep.

They have been sending their machines and means all over India, Nepal and Bangladesh. One of their earliest customers was an Indian expat from Dubai wanting to set up extensive washing centres in India! With success comes diversification which in their case means washing systems for cars and personal four-wheelers just as efficient and successful as their earlier product for bike cleaning. So thorough have they become in the field that their order to Bangladesh came about with just one live demo of their product in action. Only one!

With India being the next biggest market in heavy vehicles, including buses and trucks of every kind, and also railway wagons, Varadom Technologies is expectedly at the forefront helping clean and maintain these. Why, they have even supplied a system to mining companies to clean the wheels of their loaders going deep into the mines and returning with tyres loaded with earth and mud! Their expertise extends to designing and dedicating systems for Indian Railways to take care of bogies (underpart of wagons) as also the coaches, which means Indians can look forward to cleaner trains in times to come.

Success, and more so stupendous and sustained success, has to have a mantra. Theirs is to know customer needs minutely like a start-up, innovate constantly, remain agile, and deliver on time.

Now these genuinely are words that wash things down the right way!

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