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The Crown Jewel of the Beauty and Aesthetics industry worldwide! | Bhakti Sapke

Bhakti Shah-Sapke
Founder of the International School of Aesthetics and Spa (ISAS)

History has seen some fiercely intelligent, powerful, and inspirational women who have been pioneers in their chosen fields and proved that “impossible” means nothing in their dictionary.

Bhakti Sapke fits the bill completely. Born into a conservative family with women’s roles being defined by others, she dreamed big and nurtured and followed her dreams. Of special mention is her father-in-law, her Super Hero to whom she owes her success. Revered for giving unconditional backing, he gave her the required freedom from family chores and responsibilities.

Bhakti’s love for beauty began at an early age. As a resident of London, she was exposed to world-class culture and education from the leading institutions in the world. Her knowledge of beauty she acquired over the years and desired only the best in beauty training. She has, to her credit, worked with leading cosmetic brands as their technical trainer, and knows the domain inside out. Fast forward to the day. Launched in 2010, her venture has grown to 11 centres across the globe of which Dubai stands out for being the biggest with all facilities under one roof. On the cards are centres in Abu Dhabi, UK and Canada by 2022

Through her school, the International School of Aesthetics and Spa (ISAS), she is credited with modernising and taking the beauty industry notches higher. Today, she proudly says that she has mentored and motivated thousands to develop a skill as a source for self-employment. It’s contributed immensely to the development of this profession within the country. Besides, she is also an admired motivational speaker appearing on the panels of international forums.

Was this easy? Of course not! How she managed to create and build this empire is a story of grit, passion, pain, perseverance and patience. The realist and practical sides of her personality takes precedence over her soft spiritual side when on campus and amongst her students. She knows that teaching them all the aspects of business and empowering them to deal with any crisis in this highly competitive world is her primary goal.

Bhakti’s school provides advanced teaching methodologies using the best internationally acclaimed cosmetic brands and offers world renowned accreditations in cosmetology and aesthetics courses. ISAS imparts training in several subdomains like beauty therapy, spa and body therapy, hairdressing, professional make-up, nail technology, salon/spa management.

Bhakti takes pride in having curated each course to offer the best to her students. With over 54 beauty courses, they also customize these based on students’ needs. Aside from being unique, they remain incomparable to any in the country. ISAS is delighted to work with the finest faculty in the industry and has over 100 tutors and support staff. An ISO 9000:2001 certified institute, ISAS is today accredited by three prestigious international organizations, namely CIDESCO – Swiss, VTCT-UK and KHDA- Dubai, and five national organizations, including MSTB, MSSDS, BWSSC, NSDC and Skill India. Their students belong to the farthest corners of the five continents.

Now this is one woman who knows what she wants! She has received over 18 prestigious educational excellence awards that include the BHARAT VIBHUSHAN SAMMAN PURASKAR and BHARAT GAURAV AWARD. She is also actively working with the Government of India to incorporate the teaching of skills at school levels.

Bhakti is a strong supporter of encouraging the young to find their calling early so that they don’t feel pressured and get disheartened by their setbacks. Hence her stress on building pods to teach entrepreneurial skills to the young. It is this education that will make people self-reliant and generate new jobs. A country of India’s population and size needs ever more people in the beauty industry who are finely skilled and are ready break barriers of growth and innovations.

Racing against time, Bhakti is very deeply invested in the growth of this industry and knows that beauty and wellness are one of the fastest-growing segments of the hospitality and leisure industry, with revenues exceeding amusement parks, box office receipts, vacation ownership gross sales, and ski resort ticket sales. India’s beauty and wellness industry is booming and has tremendous growth potential. Growing consumer awareness, increasing disposable incomes, and a desire among the millennial population to transform their lifestyles for the better have given the wellness sector across the world an unprecedented boom.

Having crossed mountains of bias towards the beauty industry, Bhakti is rather fastidious about the way her students prepare to present themselves as professionals. To this end, her stress on good communication skills, presence of mind, empathy, listening skills and confidence is endless. She says these skills come only when a student works in a world-class setup. Adding further she surmises that the beauty industry is all about an experience which if it doesn’t register with the client means the end of a relationship.

Bhakti prides herself for being part of the aggressive efforts to make India’s aim of being the “Skill Capital of the World” come true. To this end she is known for forming lifelong relationships with her students, who take it upon themselves to update her about anything new in the industry. As Bhakti strides forward for more recognition, accolades, and winning partnerships, her connection with her core values of honesty, hard work, and quality service doesn’t budge even once. She encourages her students with certain success mantras; to remain true to their core values and themselves. Nothing she continues is impossible to achieve; it’s all about a little pain, some patience, and loads of passion.

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