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Homeopathy a Boon | Dr. Nikita Kulkarni

Dr. Nikita Kulkarni
MD Homeopathy & PG in Psychology and Counselling

Homeopathy was developed by Samuel Hahnemann, a respected German doctor in late 18th century. This effective treatment is used by many patients today. Timely consultation of a good doctor is the key to recovery of any disease.

Dr. Nikita Kulkarni is the MD Homeopathic doctor and has post graduate diploma in psychology and counselling. She is practicing in a multi specialty set-up at Kothrud.

Life is beautiful like a rainbow, colourful and amazing. Every day is followed by the night. A time comes in life when we come face to face with challenges and obstacles, which cannot be avoided nor controlled. One of the ugliest situations in life is stress. Sometimes the expectations and responsibilities are so overwhelming and demanding that we get stressed out and hide in shell of depression. According to the epidemiological research, life style disorder is an upcoming epidemic.

One of the main focus and special domain of Dr. Nikita is to handle life style disorders which are stress related. With her expertise she has been counselling patients who are troubled with anxiety and stress related issues.

While she was pursuing her degree she was blessed with an opportunity to work with renowned doctors. Most of the patients were with psycho somatic disorders. She was enriched by the knowledge she gained and hence has skillfully been able to take out the patients from their dark shells of stress with her proficiency. Stress is responsible for physical illnesses and mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and personality disorder. She dives at the bottom of the problem and comes out with the pearl of solution.

Apart from this she has core expertise in advanced homeopathic treatments for skin treatment, respiratory diseases, hormonal imbalance and menstrual disorder and diseases with ache and pain like arthritis and migraine. It is said that ‘Medicines cure diseases but only Doctor can cure patient’.

Today’s life is unpredictable and full of difficult conversions. The young generation is striving hard in this complex and competitive world. They face performance pressure, identity crisis, inferiority complex and land up in the quicksand of depression and stress. Work and personal life balance increase in burnouts, lack of social interaction and family touch. All this needs counselling to ease the pressure and stress.

Dr. Nikita is also specialized in various branches of counselling like in adolescent counselling, relationship counselling and pre and post marriage-issues counselling. It is defined as talking therapy, which allows the patient to talk their heart out and ease the pressure and any difficult encounter they faced, in confidential environment. Dr. Nikita uncovers the root cause for the problems and creates a plan of action and helps the patient find ways of coping with it. This assists in eradicating the issue by nipping the bud.

As a child Dr. Nikita was always fascinated by the noble profession of doctors. Her mother inspired her to become what she is today, a talented and genius doctor who value her patients. She strongly believes in ‘Service to Mankind is Service to God’. She feels gifted when her patients come to her and say that they are feeling better with her medicines.  Being the first doctor in her family she had to start from scratch and build-up her own data base of patients. She offered her services in medical camps and through social activities.

During the lockdown of pandemic everyone was going through a tough phase of life. She stood up and served mankind with her expertise. She was approached by patients having nervous breakdown and going through stress and depression. At that time there was awareness for Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines. During that phase, building immunity was the core resolution. She supplied immunity boosters which were free of cost for eight days. Dr. Nikita has not only counseled patients who were going through life style disorders but also cured her patients with her Homeopathic medicines.

She has been working with full zeal in two main domains. Her core expertise is in Homeopathy. The other domain in which she has offered great services is counselling and flower therapy. Flower therapy is next to homeopathy. The preparation of medicine is done from flowers and they can be used on psychological conditions and not for physical illnesses.

Dr. Nikita has a keen interest and passion for music, which is one of her hobbies. She has been utilizing music therapy in her medical treatments like counselling and pain management. There are certain ragas which she uses for anxiety and stress management. She has also used music as a part of treatment to reduce and relax the severe and gnawing pain of migraine in patients. Her other hobby is reading and writing which she has utilized for writing health articles specially on women’s health.

Dr. Nikita had to go through many obstacles to make awareness for Homeopathic medicines, as people consider Allopath as the first line of treatment. She overcame this challenge by rendering meticulous and unbiased services to her patients and creating her own satisfied clientele. Her vision is to become a successful doctor in terms of patient-doctor relation where patients get satisfactory solution for their problems.

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