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Turning You into YOU! | Tejaswini Pisal

Tejaswini Pisal
Founder – Zest Transformation and TransformHER
Author, Business-Coach

An accelerator and change catalyst to many businesses, Tejaswini is like a compass, helping businesses navigate challenges and succeed. She has the ability to understand every organization’s strengths and challenges, chalk out a plan to take it to the next level, and help achieve goals and objectives, getting results far beyond what they could have accomplished by themselves.

Tejaswini is a business coach who helps her clients build profitable businesses in a way that fits into their life. She helps her clients identify and reach their ideal clients. Through her teachings, Tejaswini’s clients learn how to effectively market and sell their services from a place of
authenticity. She empowers them to build their business confidence with practical money, productivity, and time management strategies. Her clients know their worth and their value so that they can create consistent revenue and experience success with their business.

Tejaswini’s story is not only inspirational but a live example of the transformation – of which she became an instrument for others. While she had a glorious corporate path, she took a break for her family and her comeback was equally magnificent.

Tejaswini Pisal is a skilled business coach, Transformation, and Productivity expert. She is the founder of Zest Transformations; a company specializing in mentoring solopreneurs, business owners to scale up their business, senior position executives to break their ceilings and live the
prosperous life they deserve! TransformHER is another company born out of the need for special effort and focuses on women’s entrepreneurship It helps to break the shackles of the sabotaging thoughts women have bound themselves with and balance personal and professional life and excel in all areas.

Her experience and knowledge come from a strong foundation of education and the strategic leadership positions she held throughout 15-years of the corporate world. Tejaswini has completed her Masters’s in Personnel Management. While studying she was also working for a company by a Singapore based Indian origin technocrat. She was the very first employee who nurtured the company for 4 years growing into200 employees, setting up all functions and departments of HR, purchase, marketing, etc. Her growth in the corporate sector was equally fast-paced, where she was handling a team of 1500 people across countries as a Global Business Partner Head for a prominent IT company.

After that Tejaswini took her toughest decision of life to leave the career at its peak and give time for her family. She took a break, enjoyed the time with her family, days vanished running around the kids, cherishing their childhood and watching them grow. And one day the hard fact hit her –
this comfort zone is like oblivion where she has lost her identity. Though I revere my time as a mother, a wife I am losing myself totally into it. I have built my world, not just self-independent but successful and a high flier. I cannot just throw all that away.

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She worked out a plan for herself, the things she loved doing, the things which she was naturally good at, the impact she wants to make, and the life she wants to live in all spheres. She started talking to people in corporates, her friends, and exploring what all is possible. She realized that
many people are stuck in various situations, talking to them, bringing out their personality and breaking off their negative thinking patterns is manifesting results in various ways be that increase in the manpower, doubling the profits, going to the next level of business, etc. And that was how Tejaswini was turned into Tejaswini – a business coach and an entrepreneur. She can facilitate the same realization in others. She acquired a formal degree and license as a coach from ICF – International Coaching Federation – Symbiosis, US and also as a Master spirit life couch. She blended all into tools and techniques like affirmations, visualization, and observing your inner dialogue. She helps to develop the desired mindset, clarity of what success looks like for them, and the strategic steps required to achieve the same with professional advice.

Today Tejaswini has coached more than 1000 people in various sectors like IT, Manufacturing, Sports, Education, at various stages including start-ups. She has also addressed the root of gender inequality, by her focused efforts through TransformHER. Today TransformHER reaches out to women through three forums: TransformHER learning HUB for training, TransformHER Connect HUB where women entrepreneurs meet physically, and TransformHER Care HUB the foundation focusing on the social cause to be kicked off on 8th March 2022

Tejaswini’s passion is coaching, speaking, and writing. She has successfully published many articles, webinars, and audio products. She is the author of the ebook ‘10 Secrets to Enrich Your Entrepreneurial Journey’.

Her list of accolades includes The National Leadership Award in 2019 by Mahila Prashikshan Sansthan The Lioness Business Builder 2018, Entrepreneur of the year in 2021 by MEA, WOMEN ACHIEVER AWARD on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Women Empowerment Award 2022 by the SaiBalaji Group of Institutes. and many more.

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” ― Rumi.


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